Welcome to Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living

Ancient wisdom and modern science confirm the beneficial effects of mindfulness and compassion. These qualities grow with practice, which is perhaps what the world needs more than ever. MBCL is a compassion training programme, developed by Erik van den Brink and Frits Koster, and a deepening follow-on course after foundational courses in mindfulness.

Compassion does not exclude anyone. It embraces friend and foe – humans, animals, plants, in all their diversity, and yes… also ourselves.



MBCL Teacher Training/ Formación profesional de instructores

Erik van den Brink & Sylvia Comas

Casa de Espiritualidad Solius, between Barcelona and Girona, SPAIN


Grundlagenseminar Interpersonal Mindfulness Program (IMP)

Erk van den Brink und Bernd Langohr

Haus Klara in Zell am Main, Würzburg, DEUTSCHLAND


MBCL Foundation Course

Erik van den Brink & Zümra Atalay

Istanbul, TURKEY


You can experience MBCL in various ways, on location or online. There are courses for a wide audience, for specific groups and for professionals of various backgrounds. The standard course consists of eight weekly sessions. Furthermore, there are experiential seminars, retreats and MBCL Teacher Trainings.

Erik van den Brink

As a psychiatrist-psychotherapist I felt particularly attracted to methods that empower our self-healing capacity. Thus, I became a pioneer in applying mindfulness- and compassion-based approaches in mental health care. My work shifted from being a therapist to being a trainer in self-therapy. Having retired from clinical work, I remain active as a trainer, supervisor and counselor of health care workers, mindfulness teachers and other professionals.