Experiencing MBCL

  • MBCL in eight sessions:
    The original programme consists of eight 2.5-hour lessons, taken weekly or bi-weekly, a silent day or extra practice session, and ¾ to 1 hour daily home practice, supported by workbook and audio aids.

  • Three-day MBCL Foundation Course (with or without stay): compact, intensive introduction to the most important practices and themes of the eight-week programme.

  • Three-day or multi-day MBCL retreat (with accommodation at a quiet location) in which guided practices are embedded in silence.

There are also hybrid forms (for example, 6x ½ day weekly or 2 weekends) and opportunities to experience MBCL online.

In private practice, trainings are often offered to a wide audience. In organisations, depending on the setting, they are also given to specific target groups of clients, patients or professionals, if necessary with adapted programmes.

MBCL trainer training

Mindfulness trainers and various professionals (health care, education, management, human resources, spiritual care) who meet the admission criteria can follow an MBCL Teacher Training (TT). MBCL TT’s are offered through several organisations and training institutes, as a six-day residential course (TT) or as two three-day modules, residential or non-residential.

Beforehand, one should become familiar with MBCL through experience (through one or more of the above-mentioned forms). After the TT, one must give a first training course under the supervision of a recognised MBCL supervisor in order to be admitted to the MBCL teachers' register.

Personal offer

From my own company 'MBCL-Trainingen' I offer training in mindfulness, compassion or mindful communication and the MBCL teacher training at the request of companies or individual organisers.

I am regularly asked to give training and refresher courses at training institutes for mindfulness trainers, health care or other professionals, across Europe and beyond.

On request I offer individual guidance and supervision – online, on location or walk & talk.