Oct 10, 2021

“We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

  • George Bernard Shaw

What a beautiful week with a group of mindfulness teachers pioneering how to teach Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living in France.
In peaceful rural countryside, exposed to various weather conditions, beginning with early-morning qigong: ‘separating clouds’, ‘saluting the rising sun’, ‘scooping the ocean’, ‘showering kindness’ and ‘flying like birds’. We were fed by walnuts dropping from the trees and surprised by an ever-curious house cat joining us for meditation. We learned from each other’s boundless creativity exploring the MBCL practices and themes.
Although compassion involves turning towards the suffering in our lives rather than avoiding it, we also encourage in MBCL to take in the good and bring lightness and playfulness in areas of pain and darkness. What is true for children is also true for adults: we learn the best when we feel safe and free to play.
Looking back with a joyful heart at this playful Teacher Training, I feel deep gratitude for all inspiring contributions: from participants, from co-teacher Fairouz Vergnes, who co-authored the French MBCL book, and from Olivier Lelouch, for the sensitive translations. Thank you also Euthymia and the Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches, for organizing this event. Another French TT is planned in 2022 led by my MBCL buddy Frits Koster. For this event and French MBCL Foundation Courses, click here.