基于正念的慈悲生活 is Chinese for MBCL

May 5, 2023
基于正念的慈悲生活 is Chinese for MBCL

Thanks to the mediation of The Mindfulness Network, UK, I was able to take part in the online International Conference on the Application of Mindfulness and Compassion 2023, kindly organised by Cancan Jin and 5P Medicine. In the Chinese speaking world, 5P Medicine offers offline and online courses on mindfulness meditation and psychology‑related topics to improve people’s mental health in stressful environments.
It was a great honor to deliver a keynote speech on MBCL, the programme Frits Koster and I developed. I found myself in an impressive line-up of contributors, among them Alison Evans, Caroline Hoffman, Ciaran Saunders, David Shannon, Estrella Fernández, Gemma Griffith, Jing Zeng, Ken Lunn, Rebecca Crane, Ronald D. Siegel, PsyD, Shih-Ming, Sophie Sansom, Susan Bögels, Trish Bartley, Vidyamala Burch, Xinghua Liu, and Zindel Segal.

How wonderful that teachers and scholars, from such diverse parts of the world, can meet under the unifying umbrella of secular applications of mindfulness and compassion to alleviate suffering around the globe.