Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living

Downloads & Links

Downloadable resources for those who followed MBCL training and received a password. Click on the course or training you have followed:
- MBCL Foundation Course (Audio Files, Worksheets) 
- MBCL Teacher Training Module 1 
- MBCL Teacher Training Module 2
- MBCL Teacher Training programa

Audio samples of MBCL practices can be found
on the site of The Mindfulness Network UK, click here,
and on Insight Timer. Click on the title:
- Breathing Space with Kindness
- A Safe Place

- Breathing Space with Compassion
- A Compassionate Companion


  • charterforcompassion.org. The Charter for Compassion is launched by Karen Armstrong. Everyone who signs the document supports the call for compassion as a core value for today's world.
  • www.congresintegralepsychiatrie.nl/English/. Information on conferences organised by the Center for Integrative Psychiatry, with downloads of presentations and papers.
  • http://compassionateliving.info/. Site of Frits Koster and Erik van den Brink with agenda of international training activities for health professionals and a register of MBCL trainers.
  • www.compassionatemind.co.uk. Site of the Compassionate Mind Foundation, founded by Paul Gilbert, professor in clinical psychology, to promote wellbeing by the scientific understanding and application of compassion.
  • http://fritskoster.com/. Site of Frits Koster offering information on activities and publications regarding Buddhist psychology and mindfulness.
  • www.institut-fuer-achtsamkeit.de (German) and www.institute-for-mindfulness.eu (English). Sites of the Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches (IMA), which currently offers German and English-language teacher-training programs in various European countries in mindfulness-based approaches such as MBSR, MBCT and MBCL.
  • https://www.mindfulness-network.org/  Site of The Mindfulness Network, UK, Serving the mindfulness community and general public through supervision, retreats and training courses.
  • www.mindfulselfcompassion.org. Site of Christopher Germer, clinical psychologist, with information on mindful self-compassion and free audio downloads for practice. His work greatly supported the development of the MBCL course.
  • www.mitgefuehlspraxis.de. German site of Christian Stocker with information on MBCL and courses in the Frankfurt region.
  • www.rickhanson.net. Site of neuropsychologist Rick Hanson with accessible information on how the practice of meditation and compassion can change our brain.
  • www.self-compassion.org. Site of Kristin Neff, associate professor in human development, with extensive information on research into self-compassion. Most papers can be downloaded.
  • www.sharonsalzberg.com. Site of Sharon Salzberg, meditation teacher.
  • www.stillmind.org. Site of Daniel Zandt and Thiruvarangan to introduce meditation into the modern lives of busy people. With helpful information on guides and resources.
  • www.tarabrach.com. Site of Tara Brach, meditation teacher.
  • www.passaddhi.com. Site of Marjo Oosterhoff on Passaddhi Meditation Centre in Co. Cork, Ireland. She is a meditation teacher, organises retreats and translated our first book on MBCL into English.