Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living

Training for health professionals

Among therapists and other health care professionals, who personally discovered the wholesome effects of mindfulness, there is a growing need for ways to deepen their practice. The growing emphasis on productivity in modern health care is not seldom accompanied by ‘compassion fatigue’ (or ‘empathy fatigue’) and lack of self-compassion. Besides, many therapists seek ways to integrate a compassionate attitude and exercises to cultivate compassion into individual work with clients. Furthermore, many mindfulness trainers recognize the need to deepen their practice in loving kindness and compassion, not only within themselves, but also among clients who already participated in previous MBSR or MBCT courses.

To meet those different needs we developed several modules for therapists and mindfulness trainers to acquire skills in practising and teaching MBCL:

  • 8 week MBCL course: for health care professionals (8 sessions of 2½ hours and an extra silent session, similarly as the course offered to clients.
  • 6 day MBCL retreat: for professionals wishing personal deepening in their practice by experientially going through the whole MBCL program in condensed form in a retreat setting. The most important exercises are delivered, alternated with periods of silent practice and interpersonal mindfulness exercises in which the main themes are explored in contemplation.
  • MBCL for health professionals - Module 1 (3 days): for therapists and mindfulness trainers who wish to work with their clients with methods that develop, deepen and maintain (self-)compassion, either in groups or individually. The MBCL curriculum is explored session by session, both experientially and theoretically. The scientific foundation of the curriculum and the use of concepts from western and Buddhist psychology is accounted for.
  • MBCL for health professionals - Module 2 (3 days): in this train-the-trainers module participants learn how to deliver the curriculum, guide the exercises, facilitate the group process, do inquiry and deal with didactic topics.

N.B. To teach MBCL one needs to:
- be a certified mindfulnessteacher;
- have followed at least the modules 1 and 2;
- have followed either the 8 week MBCL course (preferably in a group) or the 7 day retreat and have deepened their established personal mindfulness practice with compassion practice for at least a year.

When the 8 week course or the 6 day retreat is not yet available locally, alternatively one can follow a foundation course of 3 days prior to module 1 and 2, such as already offered in several European countries. Before teaching the course on their own trainers are advised to first participate as co-trainers with a more experienced teacher.